Know Your Scripture

The “Know Your Scripture” book consists of five categories and 46 topics for Christian believers to quickly learn and establish a foundation of knowledge in the bible. A person can read this book in just a few days and learn very important biblical truths and quickly mature their walk with Jesus. Many believers spend years learning these truths and other Christians have little or no knowledge of God’s word. This book is a practical approach to learn strong biblical foundational truths for long term blessings.
This book is multipurpose. It can be used for individual, small group studies, lectures, sermons, and as a reference guide. The material is beneficial for all believers at all levels. A Christian, after learning these topics, will read their bible with a mature knowledge and understanding of God's word.

Open in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and ears 
for you to learn and hear God's word.

Read the opening paragraph for the topic of study.

Read the scriptures in continuous flow without stopping to read the book/verse. ​The continuous flow of scripture for the topic works wonders in the Spirit. 

Share the discussion questions.

Embrace the life application.

The helpful definition is a word chosen from the scriptures which is underlined.

End the Bible Study with a reading of the Proverb and Psalm and then pray for each other to be blessed.
Author: William Scott Sullenberger