Know Your Scripture

How “Know Your Scripture" came into existance

Scott Sullenberger is the primary author of the “Know Your Scripture” booklet. However he reached out to several people for assistance over a two year period when he began to create and complete the booklet. Scott received Christ Jesus as his Lord and Savior at the age of 30 in October of 1990. He was baptized and attended Santa Cruz Bible Church for his first ten years as a new believer.

Scott became very involved with the men’s ministry at SCBC and experienced the blessings of participating in a small group bible study with a group of men each week. He then began as an evangelist, to reach out to other men and put additional groups together for men to enjoy and experience the same blessings. As the years went on, Scott began to reach across different lines of Christian denominations and integrate men into groups with different backgrounds and work experieince throughout Silicon Valley.

Scott was presented with one ongoing problem as the groups began to grow and multiply. The group leaders could not keep to a menu that produced the blessings men were looking for each week in their growth with Jesus. Some groups would spend all their time in sharing, but no time was spent reading the Word. Some groups would spend all their time in the Word, but there was no sharing or leaning on each other for prayer and guidance in the scriptures. Some groups did not know how to apply the Word to their own lives and so on. As the groups carried on and continued to grow, Scott felt the need for a booklet that would teach the fundamentals of Christianity for these small groups of men. The majority of these men did not have a basic understanding of the Bible and their backgrounds consisted of different denominations. So the idea came to mind by the Holy Spirit to create a booklet for these men to serve as a platform to better conduct their small group bible studies and fellowship.

It is a wonderful thing when a group of people can sit down at the table and read God’s Word together. They experience the blessing of learning something new about God, applying it to their own lives, and then share their personal testimonies with others about how God changed their lives for healing and blessings. So Scott asked the Lord what to do and stayed in prayer until it came to him. He called the booklet "Know Your Scripture" and began writing the topics. Scott knew he needed help to ensure that the topics and related scriptures were correct and applicable. So he approached Steve Clifford who was the Senior Associate Pastor at SCBC, and asked him for assistance with the booklet. Steve agreed to meet once a week and he provided input, correction, and reviewed each topic and the related content. Steve was very instrumental in the development of the questions and applications. Steve would send Scott away for a week with several text books and required Scott to do his own research on each topic, rather than give him the answers. This was an awesome time of fellowship, growth and development for Scott as he began and completed the booklet.

The booklet took Scott over a year to complete. He then conducted two separate pilot groups for the booklet to see how the booklet would perform and what the results would be for each group. The first group met for six months each week using the booklet as their small group bible study material. The group liked the booklet and had a few recommendations for changes. The changes were implemented and Scott began a second sixth month pilot program with a different group under the same conditions. The feedback at the end of the year was a thumbs up and a big hit. They liked the booklet for its simplicity and yet the content was very rich for both the new believer and also the very mature believer. The booklet provided the Scripture to enable growth in a person’s walk with Jesus, regardless of one's level of knowledge in God's Word.

Scott then took the booklet on the road during his travels as a businessman. He started leading non-believers to the Lord using just the topic “Why Jesus Christ”. He would have them read the scripture which would have a profound impact on a non-believer because it was God’s word they were reading directly from the Scripture. The booklet also helps believers to share their faith in a non-threatening manner as well, when just the scripture is presented with the teaching. Many people experienced success sharing the booklet with other dominations and with prayer, led others to the Lord.

So there you have it. The “Know Your Scripture” booklet was launched in the year 2000. Enjoy and be blessed in God’s word and be used by God for His purposes that He already defined in you. He has a plan that needs to continue in you, and others, to advance His Kingdom here on earth until completion. So get to work and get a move on for Jesus. He loves you and He died for you. Let us be a blessing back to Him by advancing His kingdom.


All Audiences – individual/small groups/sermons

No Homework – just show up

46 Topics – pick and choose

All Levels – new believer/mature believer

All Persons – men/women/kids/family

Bible Impact – one will read the bible differently knowing these topics

Great Foundation – always a reference for the basics of our faith in Jesus Christ

William Scott Sullenberger
Author: William Scott Sullenberger